October 12, 2017


To:       All Persons in Grantee Security Groups with Access to CPB’s Integrated Station Information System


From:   Greg Schnirring, Vice President, CSG and Station Initiatives

            Stephen Wolfe, Vice President, Information Technology     


Re:       Passwords 


CPB’s Office of Information Technology has added new features and made enhancements to the Integrated Station Information System (System) which will require all users to change their passwords the next time you access https://isis.cpb.org.


Required Steps

You must change your password the next time you attempt to access the System. Additionally, all passwords will become disabled every six months and each user will be required to create a new password.


If your password is not changed, you will be unable to access the System to certify/attest to your station’s fiscal year (FY) 2018 CSG Agreement, FY2018 surveys, FY2017 Annual Financial Report (AFR), or FY2017 Financial Summary Report (FSR).


Password Criteria

The new password that you create must  be at least eight characters in length and include:

o   One uppercase and one lowercase letter; and

o   One number or special character such as ($@$%?&).


How to Change Your Password

1.      Click here to access the System.

2.      Click on the 'Request User Name and Temporary Password' link on the User Login page.

3.      Enter your email address and click the “Submit” button. The System will then generate and send you an email with your user name and a temporary password.

4.      Once you have the temporary password, click the 'Click here to go back to login' link which will return you to the login page.

5.      Enter your username and the temporary password that was provided in the email sent by the System. 

6.      An 'Account' page will display. Enter the temporary password from the email that you received in the 'Current Password' field. 

7.      Enter a new password on the ‘New Password' field. Re-enter the same password on the ‘Confirm Password' field. Your updated password must meet the new criteria listed above or an error message will display.

8.      Click the 'Save' button on the 'Account' page. The System will display a 'New password has been set' message. 

9.      Click on the 'Log Out' button in the upper right corner to log out.

10.  Login using your new password.



For assistance, please contact us at csg@cpb.org. Be sure to include your station call letters and/or grantee four-digit ID.